Executive Security (EPU)

Executive Security (EPU)

Executive security is now available at National and International levels of expertise. Whitestar Security Group’s EPU division is made up of seasoned security professionals with military, government, and law enforcement experience and training. Our Investigations and Security firm specializes in matters involving highly sensitive information and security, ranging from event security, surveillance, to risk management. Our executive security services are lauded as some of the best in the Bay Area based on our long history of responsiveness and reliability.

With workplace violence on the rise, it’s better to be protected than to become a statistic. Whitestar Security Group’s Executive Protection Unit and Hostile Termination Details provide top level protection to your office and employees when the risk of violence is prominent. Our agents are trained to anticipate, identify, suppress, and control any threat to our clients.

In a perfect world, the need for high levels of personal protection would never exist. Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world, which is why we offer executive security to businesses and individuals in Santa Rosa and throughout the Bay Area. Our clients’ include some of the Bay Area’s most prominent executives, celebrities, and in some cases, their families. We are proud to have been privately lauded and recommended by our clients to friends within their circle of influence.

Some of the services our Executive Security and Protection Details offer include:

  • Hostile Termination Details
  • Rapid Response High Profile Threat Deployment
  • Workplace violence detail
  • Facility Threat Assessment
  • Armed Plainclothes Agent/Executive Protection Details
  • Planned Event Security

When dealing with situations where the potential for safety and security become compromised, you’re going to want the best security team available to react and control. With Whitestar Security Group representing your needs, these concerns will evaporate.