Emerging Industries

Emerging Industries

Our security company is at the forefront of new security technology. Having a security team that can quickly adapt to the needs of emerging industries and the ability to implement new custom solutions when needed is key to our success. Our work within the cannabis industry has been growing due to our ability to provide services for every facet of this growing industry, including:

  • Transport Services
    • Cannabis Financial Deposits
  • Dispensary Security
  • Grow Site Protection

Our team has advanced insight on working at grow sites and dispensaries. Personnel are highly educated in the rules and regulations of the Bureau of Cannabis Control. This allows us to seamlessly work with the public and law enforcement to ensure products are protected.

Additionally, we are actively pursuing Community Security Initiatives to provide an auto- response team to mitigate and deal with non-police issues.

Armed Transport is available. We have vehicles that provide armor protection available in a variety of vehicle styles to allow for our transport services to appear no different than those driven by soccer moms. Our goal is to not stand out, but to provide stand out services when it comes to transporting materials or people.