About Us

Whitestar Security Group

One of California’s security companies is comprised of highly trained security professionals, former law enforcement personnel, and former service providers ensuring that no matter the job Whitestar Security is prepared. Our staff members have the resources and expertise to provide thorough and reliable security and protection services to local governments, service providers, hospitals, and emerging markets.

Clayton Taylor

Clayton Taylor, Founder

Clayton has been working in the site protection and personal protection space for just over 6 years, primarily serving as an operations manager and Director of Operations for companies throughout California. Clayton is a Sonoma State Alumni, and during his time there he won the CSU Future Four Business competition for the creation of a business that was aimed at reducing youth athletic injuries.

Clayton also spent time working within the political sphere while working with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, during his time there he was able to advocate for the rights of workers as well as the emerging cannabis industry.

Clayton has always maintained a desire to increase his skill-set recently attending and completing the ACADEMI Personal Protection Course as well as continuously pursuing additional certifications within the security space.

Elisa Lawson

Elisa Lawson, CFO

Elisa Lawson is Whitestar Security’s Chief Financial Officer. With over 10 years of accounting and finance experience, she previously held a position as the Controller of an international aluminum distributor.

Elisa was born in Santa Rosa, CA and grew up in the country of Nicaragua in Central America. She then moved to Miami, FL where she began pursuing her career in Finance. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in Finance from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Finance from Florida International University.